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Malaria Prophylaxis

Which malaria prophylaxis medication should I take?

It is important that you make an informed decision about which malaria prophylaxis you should take. In some cases choosing the wrong medication may lead to reduced protection angainst malaria and it may also interact with medication you are already taking. The design of our malaria prophylaxis service will help you make the correct decision. No treatment is guaranteed to be 100% effective and suitable precautions should be taken including using good insect repellent containing DEET and wearing suitable clothing. Some links are provided below to useful products if you are travelling to a malaria infected area. All orders for malaria prophylaxis are checked by our qualified pharmacists who will contact you if there are concerns about your purchase.


Is the information current?

This site was developed using the most up to date information issued by the National Pharmaceutical Association.

The NPA issue bulletins every 6 months providing the latest data on resistance and recommended treatment regimes. The site is updated based on these bulletins.

What are the side-effects of malaria prophylaxis treatments?

Side effects are varied depending on the malaria prophylaxis medication you are looking at. Please refer to the 'further information link' to find out.

Useful  products when visiting malaria infected areas


All prescription products are posted recorded delivery. You will need to sign for receipt of your order. We will post your order to arrive the next day where possible.

By clicking the 'proceed' button you will be invited to complete an online consultation for the medicine of your  choice.

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