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Prescription Terms and Conditions



The general terms and conditions shall apply except as set out below.

1.     Your prescription - If you are placing an order for a prescription medicine you need to send us the prescription document. The NHS is developing electronic prescriptions, but until then we do need the paper document. It is important that the prescription is fully completed by you and that you have signed it. Any confirmatory e-mail from us is notification that we have received your prescription and we will accordingly dispense the same once it has been manually checked and confirmed by the named pharmacist.


We are only able to dispense prescriptions written by a UK prescriber.

At the moment repeat prescriptions shall be dispensed in accordance with this procedure and no distinction shall be made between non-repeat prescriptions and repeat prescriptions.

 Online private prescriptions – if you are placing an order for a prescription medicine and a prescription is being generated for you via the designated online doctor it is important you complete the consultation process in a truthful and comprehensive manner. A prescription will only be generated if the designated doctor approves your responses and is satisfied it is appropriate and safe to do so. If the prescription permits repeat dispensing then the prescription becomes the property of the patient and may be requested by the patient  for dispensing from an alternative pharmacy. The prescription is a valid UK private prescription and complies with all legal requirements of the Medicines Act 1968. Once a prescription has been generated and signed by the doctor your order will be processed. Records of dispensing for private prescriptions are held in accordance with Medicine Act 1968

2. Rights - The pharmacist reserves the right not to dispense where the information on the prescription is not clear, incomplete or the pharmacist needs to obtain further information regarding the medication, for example in relation to controlled drugs.

The pharmacist also reserves the right not to dispense or deliver in circumstances where it would not be appropriate to do so. In these circumstances the pharmacist shall contact you as soon as possible.

The pharmacist also reserves the right to alter the delivery services and may require that the prescription goods are collected from suitable premises such as the prescriber's premises.

3. Pricing - Because we are based in England we charge the standard UK rate  for all NHS prescriptions that we dispense. This applies even if you live in Wales and pay the lower levy price applicable there. This will not include the costs of delivery.

4. Delivery - [Delivery will be made within one working day of your prescription being dispensed by [recorded/registered post] to addresses within the United Kingdom. All orders are sent under plain cover to ensure your confidentiality.]

5. International Orders - We do not dispense non-UK prescriptions and you should consult a GP or pharmacy in your own country in relation to the non-UK prescription.

6. Cancelling your order - You may not return or cancel any order for prescription goods except where you found them damaged or faulty when received or the goods sent were not as prescribed. Again, we will refund the cost of postage limited to first class post within mainland UK.



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