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PCPdirect is a registered internet/mail order pharmacy providing a comprehensive range of professional services that would be expected from any normal pharmacy under the NHS Community Contract 2005. Under this legislation and registration with Investors In People, PCPdirect's services include offering an extensive range of medicines to treat minor ailments such as allergies (e.g. cetirizine, loratadine) coughs (e.g.Benylin, Covonia), colds (e.g Vicks range, Lemsip, Beechams) and skincare (E45, Ultrabase, Thovaline). All our medicines are obtained from UK wholesalers (governed by MHRA regulations), UK registered companies or direct from manufacturers or authorised distributors.

PCPdirect also offers advanced services such as malaria prophylaxis advice and medication (Mefloquine, Malarone and Doxycycline), antibiotics for simple urinary tract infections(trimethoprim) and various other treatments such as ketoconazole, simvastatin and terbinafine. All these opportunities to purchase provide a comprehensive service for patients wishing to take some control of their own healthcare. PCPdirect has developed these services with the help of the MHRA (Medicines Health Regulatory Authority) and RPSGB (Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain)

PCPdirect is the registered name of Springpharm Ltd and operates from registered premises at Unit 13, Mercian Park, Felspar Road, Tamworth, B77 4NP. The Superintendent Pharmacist is Mr Lee Ison (reg.2078906) whose contact details are telephone: 01827 702042 or e-mail:

PCPdirect is registered under the Medicines Act 1968 (Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain - Registration No. 1090484). PCPdirect operates as the internet/mail order partner of Primary Care Pharmacy, Tamworth, established in 1974 and a contractor of South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust.

The pharmacy operates with a team of qualified pharmacists and technicians with extensive experience in community pharmacy. Some of the pharmacists hold additional qualifications specific to disease management. PCPdirect also employs the services of several qualified doctors who provide online consultation services as part of the overall healthcare provisions.

Our Pharmacists

Lee Ison (Reg. No. 2078906)

Our Doctors

Dr A S Moosa MBBS

PCPdirect Patient Guide

PCPdirect is a UK registered pharmacy (Reg no: 1090484) providing services to the local community and nationally online in accordance with the NHS Community Pharmacy Contract 2005.

  • PCPdirect is able to dispense NHS and private prescriptions. All medicines are dispensed in accordance with the current regulations. All medicines supplied are from regulated suppliers ensuring authenticity of stock.
  • PCPdirect operates computerised medication records. These are linked to the NHS electronic prescribing system and can be used to dispense NHS prescriptions. All records are confidential and held in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
  • PCPdirect offers online prescription services. For out of hours services and emergencies patients should contact their nearest pharmacy or NHS Direct on 0845 4647 for more details.
  • All pharmacies offer collection services for unwanted medicines. Medicines from PCP may be returned to Primary Care Pharmacy , Unit 13, Mercian Park, Felspar Road, Tamworth, B77 4NP. Alternatively they may be returned to your local pharmacy
  • In accordance with the Community Pharmacy Contract , PCP offers a help and advice service, including signposting to agencies and support groups.
  • For customer service please see our terms and conditions
  • The website offers a range of services and support for patients , these include smoking cessation , weight management and medicines use reviews.
  • All patients using services provided by PCPdirect must confirm they understand and agree to the terms and conditions that govern this service.
  • PCPdirect has written procedures and policies for complaints. All complaints should be addressed to the Superintendent Pharmacist,, Unit 13, Mercian Park, Felspar Road, Tamworth, B77 4NP. Anyone who is unhappy with the response provided should contact the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, 1, Lambeth High street, London SE1 7JN.
  • PCPdirect as part of the NHS Community Pharmacy Contract 2005 undertakes a continual auditing process, details of which can be found under the title 'Patient Survey'. Results of this are made available annually for quality improvements.


TELEPHONE: 01827 702042
FAX: 01827 702041